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06:14 AM My Ford Touch Bug #19: Bluetooth indexing option does nothing
I'm trying to use it with an iPhone 4
I don't know whether this is still not support by MFT or not supported by Ap...
06:11 AM My Ford Touch Bug #13: Navigation system shows incorrect location
What car is that and how often does it occur?
How far away from your true location is it?


07:33 AM My Ford Touch Bug #171 (New): Return from selecting quick dial location and then return from contact informatio...
Go to the phonebook, choose a contact, then quick dial options. Select a quick dial location for the contact. Then pr...
07:10 AM My Ford Touch Bug #170 (New): Panning the nav map by dragging finger across screen often dumps you at a random ...
This maybe not so much a bug as a usability issue.
If you want to move the map so you can center it somewhere othe...


06:59 AM My Ford Touch Bug #168: presets not responding
Did you update to 3.5.1?
When you say it doesn't respond, do you mean that touching the radio preset button on the...
06:07 AM My Ford Touch Bug #169 (New): Street name disappears from Nav tab
If you switch to the Nav screen and then to any other tab (Phone/Ent/Climate) the current street name is no longer di...


07:00 AM My Ford Touch Bug #165: Inconsistent phone synch
Is this version 3.5.1?
06:57 AM My Ford Touch Bug #167 (New): Gets stuck exploring USB device
Sometimes, not always, it will get stuck if you try "exploring device" for a USB device. I happened to be exploring p...
06:53 AM My Ford Touch Bug #4: USB music is shown playing, but no audio output
I have seen a very similar issue on 3.5.1. After reconnecting, the USB device is playing, the playback time is increm...
06:46 AM My Ford Touch Bug #166 (New): Album art randomly lost
After sucessfully loading the album art for the current song playing from USB, other actions (such as switching to ph...

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