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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Target version Severity Component
191My Ford TouchBugNewLatest sync update makes phone always think bluetooth audio is active.01/06/2016 04:21 PMModerateMultiple
190My Ford TouchBugNewArtist icon on smaller screen next to spendometriosis shows music note icon instead of face icon12/02/2014 01:25 AM3.6.2MinorUnknown
189My Ford TouchBugNewClimate System Shows "00" ":0"01/06/2016 04:17 PMMinorClimate
188My Ford TouchBugNewNavigation Voice Prompts too loud for comfort, won't stay below 1/4 on volume scale.10/13/2014 07:46 AM3.6.2MinorNavigation
187My Ford TouchBugNewwifi password length limited09/09/2014 07:03 PM3.6.2MinorUnknown
186My Ford TouchBugNewAudio switches from surround to stereo after making phone call07/10/2014 04:51 PM3.6.2ModerateAudio
185My Ford TouchBugNewClock issue04/16/2014 02:45 PMMinorUnknown
184My Ford TouchBugNewAudio Off03/20/2014 06:12 PMMinorAudio
183My Ford TouchBugNew"Bluetooth audio stream detected" instead of song title/artist02/27/2014 03:17 PM3.6.2MinorBluetooth Music
182My Ford TouchBugNew2013 Taurus SEL - Centre dash speaker only works02/15/2014 12:43 AMModerateAudio
181My Ford TouchBugNewPOI List Selected on Dash Not Functioning09/14/2013 01:32 PM3.6.2ModerateUnknown
180My Ford TouchBugNew'My Home' Selected on Dash Doesn't Work09/14/2013 01:25 PM3.6.2MinorNavigation
179My Ford TouchBugNewQuick Dial - First Line09/14/2013 12:16 PM3.6.2MinorBluetooth Phone
178My Ford TouchBugNewOutside Temperature 64 degrees after Remote Start09/05/2013 11:46 AM3.6.2MinorUnknown
177My Ford TouchBugNewFM radio presets09/04/2013 06:21 AM3.6.2MinorUnknown
176My Ford TouchBugNewnavigation - route calculation failed08/09/2013 06:52 PM3.6.2ModerateNavigation
175My Ford TouchBugNewcaller id on right information panel says "unknown caller"08/13/2013 08:48 PMMinorBluetooth Phone
174My Ford TouchBugNewSMS commands work when using touch screen, but fail when using voice commands06/28/2013 11:44 AM3.5.1MinorBluetooth Phone
173My Ford TouchBugNewNo audio from Android 4.1.2 device when plugged in via USB05/01/2013 06:48 PMModerateUSB
172My Ford TouchBugResolvedMFT 3.5.1 not available for my vehicle09/08/2013 07:43 PMModerateMultiple
171My Ford TouchBugNewReturn from selecting quick dial location and then return from contact information takes you back to select quick dial location03/28/2013 07:33 AM3.5.1MinorBluetooth Phone
170My Ford TouchBugNewPanning the nav map by dragging finger across screen often dumps you at a random location03/28/2013 07:10 AM3.5.1ModerateNavigation
169My Ford TouchBugNewStreet name disappears from Nav tab03/27/2013 06:07 AM3.5.1MinorNavigation
168My Ford TouchBugNewpresets not responding03/27/2013 06:59 AMMinorRadio (AM/FM)
167My Ford TouchBugNewGets stuck exploring USB device03/26/2013 06:57 AM3.5.1MinorUSB

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